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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

FIRST be warned that you need to be prepared for an extended wait to see results. once you stop the use of relaxers, It's critical to give your kids' hair extra care and attention as you attempt to grow out the relaxer. This means using a moisturizing kids'shampoo and conditioner at least once a week, to help discourage breakage (please try not to use those meant for adults it would only make the hair recede badly). It's also a good idea to choose a style that doesn't require a lot of pulling or other stress on her hair. Keep her hair well-moisturized with available kids' hair moisturizers.(the one for adults are too heavy), constant use of kids hair cream or lotion may help as well. 
  you can try kids hair texturizers (softeners) as your child  transition from relaxed hair to her natural hair texture. These hair treatments do not relax the hair, however. they are typically used to make hair more manageable and soften the natural curl texture. They may be helpful for allowing new growth to blend in with relaxed hair during the transition period.you can nurture both her new growth and the relaxed hair as you slowly grow the relaxer out. As new growth comes in and gets longer, the relaxed hair can be trimmed off gradually. comb your child's hair carefully. Make sure you don't pull tangles out, but rather comb them out gently. Don't try to comb from the roots of your child's hair straight up to the ends. Instead, start at the ends and comb through inch by inch till you work your way up and out.

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Friday, 6 April 2012

kids' with natural hair!!!!!!!!!!! its simple to manage

African hair is thick,full and sometimes spongy.many salon just despise the idea of making kids hair that are still in their natural form.but plaiting natural hair can be easy and fun both for the stylist and for the kids.
HOW? just follow these simple steps.
1.shampoo kids hair with nice kids shampoo,that would not wash off the hairs natural oil.
2.dry the hair by parting it with a good towel avoid rubbing it(doing these would tangle the hair) you don't have to towel it dry.
3.part the hair into four sections like when adding a relaxer.
4.comb each section  using a wide tooth comb,starting from the tip ensuring the knots at the tip are all loosened   out, then work your way to the base then to the top
5.repeat step four  above for the rest three sections.
6.add a De tangling spray or lotion, then use a blow dryer with its comb attached to it n comb the hair very well.doing this would ensure the hair is soft and straitened,making it easy to work your hands through without the child in tears.
7.i no these steps look like it would take your whole day.trust me it wont.maximum time 25mins!!!!   
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